Movement is the key to your accomplishments

Join in on the fun group fitness live classes here in Chicago and with on-demand classes wherever you may be! Classes include cardio kickbox, strength, barre, and stretch. Schedule a live class or an on-demand video class at home today!

Group fitness Chicago cardio kickbox instructor Ashley Fleishman

Group Fitness
Cardio Kickbox

An interval based, full body workout emphasizing on cardio kick box moves. There are 4 layers of 8-count combinations that are choreographed to music. If you want to sweat while having fun moving to upbeat music, this is an absolute must!

Group fitness Chicago barre instructor Ashley Fleishman

Group Fitness

A full body, low-impact workout combining moves of ballet, pilates, yoga and strength training. The class will improve your balance, build strength, increase flexibility, and improve stability through a stronger core. Small, light movements at high reps for a major burn!

Group Fitness

A full body, energetic, strength workout with a splash of body weight cardio. We move to the beat keeping this class fun and unique. You’ll never experience the exact same class!

Group fitness Chicago stretch instructor Ashley Fleishman

Group Fitness

A full body stretch holding moves for a few extra breaths. Stretching is a necessity to keep muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints.


Meet Ashley

Started as a dancer, now I’m here! Dance has been a part of my life since I was 3 – from performing at Disney through my dance studio to dancing professionally for the Arena Football League’s Chicago Rush dance team. I personally discovered group fitness in college while coaching my high school dance team and thought, “wouldn’t that be fun to teach a group fitness class?”

Chicago group fitness instructor Ashley Fleishman

I believe that movement is the key to your accomplishments. I personally like to start my day with a workout, leaving no excuse as to why I couldn’t get it completed. Exercising, for me, is much more than just physical appearance – it’s more importantly about how it makes you feel. It’s a mental cleanse. ‘Moving’ makes you feel good and when you feel good, you succeed, and when you succeed, you accomplish your goals! 😊

a few words from our Chicago group fitness “Ashletes”…

“Working out with Ashley in ANY format (in the gym, at the park, live online, or watching recorded videos) is ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I have taken on in my adult life. Her energy is INCREDIBLE! She is friendly, peppy, honest, and relatable. Her workouts are challenging, but doable, and she creates a supportive team atmosphere that truly motivates me to keep working hard. There are a million things that are stressful and UN-fun in life… working out with Ashley has truly made my life HAPPIER!” -ER

“Ashley is such an inspiring coach and teacher! Whether she is teaching live or virtually, her energy is contagious and she is incredibly approachable – she’s always there to challenge you, but never pressure you!” -MM

I really appreciate the work Ashley put into this community. Her enthusiasm is contagious and genuine! We’re so grateful she created this platform!” -DM

Strength. Energy. Community.

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